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Why Cheshire Pilates?

Cheshire Pilates Studio prides itself in having highly-qualified Stott Pilates instructors. Our instructors are required to successfully complete 40 hour class instruction in addition to 40 hours of observation, practice, and teaching. After the 80 hours of professional training are finished, potential instructors need to take both a written and practical exam that tests their knowledge of posture analysis, anatomy, and all of the exercises. Stott Pilates instructors must be experts in the breathing pattern, the ordering of exercises and the usage of all of the equipment. Certification requires that a trainee get an 80% or above on the tests.Cheshire Pilates provides a comfortable and welcoming space for our clients. Conveniently located, the studio has a state-of-the-art cloud lighting system that creates an even more relaxing feel to the room. Water is also provided for clients to stay hydrated while they exercise. Cheshire Pilates also emphasizes small class sizes so clients can get the most out of their pilates workout. Core strength classes are limited to 10 people or less and reformer classes are limited to 5 people so that instructors can give each individual in a class appropriate attention. It is essential that everyone uses the proper technique when doing pilates exercises in order to experience the full benefits of the activity. It is critical for instructors to make sure that everyone in a class feels that they have the attention they need in order to be successful and have an enjoyable and accomplished workout.

It is very important to fit a consistent pilates routine into your life to achieve the most benefits from the exercises. By doing pilates every week, you will get the most out of Cheshire Pilates’ classes! A ten-week system adds discipline to your fitness life. Please remember, Cheshire Pilates offers clients the opportunity to purchase a 5 pack, or a 20 pack if you would like to come less than once a week or more than once a week. Cheshire Pilates works hard for you in order to provide you with the best experience possible. We are grateful for your business!