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Pilates classes

Pilates Classes

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355 Highland Ave.
Suite 202 
Cheshire, CT



Core strength classes are available in a group setting. The class is one hour in length. Core strength is accomplished using your own body as resistance. We incorporate all of the small equipment in the class such as arc barrels, foam rollers, fitness rings, stability balls, weighted balls, flex bands and maple poles to help with your stability. The method challenges your strength and creates a workout you can take anywhere, but incorporates small equipment to make it more challenging.





Our instructors are familiar with both the Lotte Berk Method (trademarked) and Total Barre stott pilates method for barre classes. This one hour class takes you through the motions of yoga and pilates with a significant emphasis on ballet barre work to produce long, lean muscles and a solid strong core. If you are interested in a certain method, please ask us who teaches which method!





Duet lessons are performed with you, a partner, (and possible second partner) and the instructor in a private setting where you are learning the reformer in a more intimate manor. We cater to how the clients are feeling, whether you are injured, up to needing a stronger workout. Core strength exercises can also be performed depending on what the clients need/desire.





Private lessons are catered to the specific person. We have a variety of different apparatus; reformer, jumpboard Cadillac, Chair, Stability ball, weighted ball, foam roller, arc barrel, spine corrector, fitness ring, flex band, and maple poles. We design a workout with all of this equipment for whatever our client needs. For a brand new client, for an injured client, for a pregnant client, for an althete- whatever the case may be, we are here to design a workout that works for you.





Reformer classes are available in a group setting and limited to 5 students. The reformer is an apparatus used in pilates that offers springs and straps as resistance. This piece of equipment helps clients to focus on the stabilization needed to perform pilates exercises correctly. Reformer classes are broken down into three different levels.


Essential Reformer- For a new client or someone who is still learning the fundamentals of reformer. Someone who is still mastering to stabilize before the movement of the exercise, who is still learning proper breath pattern, and is still learning how the reformer works.


Intermediate Reformer- For an experienced client who knows all of the basic principles of pilates, who is aware of stabilization before movement, who is comfortable with how the reformer works, how to change springs, and is experienced with intermediate exercises.


Advanced Reformer- This client is very experienced in reformer, is able to perform all of the intermediate exercises properly, is extremely comfortable with all of the exercises, and also needs to confirm with Nadine that they are truly and advanced client.